Historic and present day locks in Lockport, NPS
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western erie: Canal Structures and Engineering Marvels
The famous Lockport Flight of Five, as well as a number of towpath era aqueducts and bridges are preserved and accessible.
Western Erie Canal
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Buffalo Erie Canal Harbor Rewatered Commercial Slip at the western terminus of the towpath-era Erie Canal, includes interpretation of lost canal elements and historic remnants.
Lockport Flight of Five Renowned towpath-era engineering feat, preserved as stormwater weirs alongside the similarly remarkable Barge Canal Locks 34 and 35.
Lock 30 Park Remains of towpath and enlarged Erie canals alongside the present day canal. Camping, picnic areas, and boat and trail access available. Macedon
Lock 60 and Gallup's Change Bridge #39 Remains of enlarged Erie Lock 60; located off Quaker Road between Walworth and O'Neil Roads. Nearby surviving change bridge abutments can be seen.
Culvert Road Boats on the Erie Canal pass over Culvert Road about two miles east of Medina, the only place where a road passes under the canal.
Palmyra /Macedon
Palmyra Aqueduct and Aldrich Change Bridge, Aqueduct Park at Lock 29 Aqueduct Park contains the remains of Palmrya Aqueduct, built in 1857, that carried the canal over Ganargua Creek, as well as the Aldrich Change Bridge, a unique towpath-era remnant originally erected at the Rochester Weighlock in 1850s.
Genesee River Aqueduct Solid masonry aqueduct built to carry the canal over the Genesee River now holds Broad Street.
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Western Erie
zc Aldrich Change Bridge, Palmyra/Macedon  
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  Smaller remnants of the original canal are found in cities and towns throughout the region and are best accessed through local historical societies and visitor centers.  
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